Each facial is completely customized for your skin needs but if you are not sure which option to book,  choose the GLOW  facial and adjustments will be made in the room after your consultation.

Skin modalities used in these treatments include but are not limited to: Dermaplaning, Microdermabrasion, high frequency, and galvanic. 

Sometimes multiple methods are used in one treatment in order to achieve optimal results! 

Sculptural Face Lift 

$ 225 – technique only

$ 300- technique with facial

$ 45   – buccal massage add on to any facial


This intuitive deep tissue face manipulation is a natural approach to lifting the skin and restoring the natural posture of the face. This mega- trend  facial is used regularly in Europe, and is for those who want a more holistic approach to anti- aging. As seen on THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL, and used by many celebrity estheticians.  This facial includes lymphatic drainage, contouring of the facial muscles and releases emotional blocks in the face. 

Trained and certified by Yakov Gershovich, the leading face specialist in Israel, and creator of this unique treatment. 

*Facial muscles will feel sore for several days.

Foxy Facial


If you’re having a night out and want a quick facial and air brush make up application for the night then try this facial! This is a blend of a mini facial with an airbrush application to top it all off! If you ever wonder why celebrities air brush looks so flawless, it’s because they treat their skin right before hand to soften the pallet. This unique facial will have you feeling foxy in no time! Makeup application only includes foundation, blush and lips.

Body Polish


If you struggle from breakouts that are not on your face then try this treatment. We treat all areas of the body that break out, most commonly the back and chest.

The GLOW Facial


This facial is meant to make you GLOW! Using Dermaplane as exfoliation we create a clean and clear pallet so we can infuse collagen-based products for that fresh, dewy look!

Complexion Facial


This facial is for those who have struggled with acne/pigmentation/excessive clog pores. With focus on texture, this treatment uses a more intensive approach to achieving clear radiant even skin.

Pricing Varies

Make It A Party!

We LOVE a good party at Fancy Face! If you want to have us come to your bachelorette party, ladies night, or any health and wellness events, contact us!
We would be happy to bring the party to you!
*Prices vary depending on event.

10 Minutes in Heaven


Face and scalp massage with essential oils designed for relief from stress and tension in the scalp and face.  Try this service as a standalone or add it on to any facial.

The mini GLOW


Want the perks of the glow facial, but don’t have enough time?
Try the mini version, the same service – just condensed.

The Groovy Gent Facial


This treatment is for all of our gentlemen out there that want to keep their skin looking fresh!  Using  a 4 clay mask and a lot of steam, this facial is a deep pore cleanser and blackhead remover.  It is also suitable for men who struggle with irritation from shaving and leaves the skin very smooth and soothed.

Babes and Dudes Facial


This short and sweet facial is for all of our younger babes and dudes out there!
A perfect refresher for our younger ladies ages 12 through 18!

The Fancy Facial


This facial is our signature treatment that pulls out all the stops! Extending the facial to the neck and shoulder  and using the highest quality of anti-aging products this facial will have you leaving dreamy eyed and fancy faced. 

Turn Back Time Facial

$225   Face

$250   Neck and decolette

$600   Package of 3 face Sessions*

$650   Package of 3 neck and decolette*


If you suffer from leftover scarring from acne and want to get rid of it this is the treatment for you. The latest technology called micro-needling for Scar revision has been voted one of the best collagen building treatments available . We will take an intensive approach to resurfacing the skin and slowly work to rebuild the youthful skin you loved ! Depending on the depth of scarring you may need anywhere from 3 to 12 sessions.

Peel It!


Using a range of chemical peels we will pick the perfectly suited treatment for your skin. Peel back old, dull layers to reveal a fresh, smooth layer of skin. Ideal for those who struggle with cystic acne or those who have fine lines and sun damage. 


Brow Wax – $15

Lip Wax – $10

Chin Wax – $10

Under arm – $25


Brow Tint – $15

Lash Tint – $25

Lash Lift – 65$

Lash Tint and Lift- $75

Add a Dermaplane to any service – $45

Add Celluma Light Therapy to any service – $45

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